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NorCham Chicago

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NorCham Chicago is an Illinois not-for-profit corporation. Membership is open to all people with personal or business connections or interest to Norway. This chapter covers Chicago and the Midwest region.



The purpose of NorCham Chicago is to promote trade and goodwill, and to foster business, financial and professional interests between Norway and the United States of America, to advance the common purposes of its members and to facilitate contacts among its members.


Access to Membership, Experience, Knowledge Base

NorCham Chicago membership has a link to both Chicago and Norway in direct or indirect way.  NorCham Chicago is not a service or agency, but serves as a means for members to interact, learn and transact.  


NorCham Chicago is committed to providing meaningful programs, events and activities to promote trade and communication between Norway and the United States. It also aims to serve as a business conduit and networking organization for and among its members. NorCham is a regular co-sponsor of trade missions, seminars and cultural events. NorCham Chicago interacts with other Norwegian-American groups, Chambers of Commerce and organizations of interest.



The NorCham Chicago chapter offers opportunities to meet other members who share goals and interests at monthly meetings, seminars and popular social events during the year. Members receive the NorCham Annual Membership Directory (where they may promote their business) and newsletter. The NorCham Chicago chapter website provides links to its corporate members’ websites.


Our Business Network was first formed in October, 1959, and officially incorporated on December 18, 1992 as NACC Chicago. It was one of 8 regional chapters in the United States, along with founder NACC-NY. Together the chambers form a nationwide Norwegian American business network that has served as a forum for Norwegian American business people for over 100 years. The Norwegian American Chamber of Commerce  was founded in New York on September 13th, 1915. 


In 2023, NorCham Chicago. became the fourth Affiliated Chapter to NorCham USA; a national not-for-profit regional-chapter business network and member-based trade association whose mission is to promote international trade and market expansion between Norway and the United States and to support Norwegian national strategies and values as they apply to NorCham’s members and chapters.


NorCham USA was formed to promote commercial, trade, and business relationships between the United States and Norway nationally and locally; organize business events to further business development and networking; and support members, businesses, and affiliated chapters in their aligned purposes.

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